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 {{:​bombuse.jpg|300}} {{:​bombuse.jpg|300}}
-Additional appendix tomorrow.+  - The given minimum heights refer to the highest point of the target, this is to consider at low level attacksThe minimum heights are safety drop heights. 
 +  - The optimum caliber is underlined. 
 +  - Under no circumstances is it allowed to take this sheet along in aircraft. 
 +  - Used abbreviation for bombs. 
 +|SC-10|fragmentation bomb 10 kg|SD-500|armor explosive bomb 500 kg| 
 +|SC-10 t| w/o wings|PC-500 RS|armor piercing bomb 500 kg| 
 +|Bü C-10| bundel of 5 SC-10 for drop from Ju-87|SC-1000|mine bomb 1000 kg| 
 +|SC-50|mine bomb 50 kg|PC-1000|armor explosive bomb 1000 kg| 
 +|SD-50|mine bomb with fragmentation|PC-1000 RS|armor piercing bomb 1000 kg| 
 +|SBe-50|fragmentation bomb 50 kg made of concrete with iron insert|PC-1400|armor explosive bomb 1400 kg| 
 +|SC-250|mine bomb 250 kg|SC-1700|mine bomb 1700 kg with increased penetration| 
 +|SD-250|mine bomb 250 kg with fragmentation|PC-1700|armor piercing bomb 1700 kg| 
 +|SBe-250|fragmentation bomb 250 kg made of concrete with iron insert|SC-1800|mine bomb 1800 kg| 
 +|SC-500|mine bomb 500 kg|I or II|bombs of quality class I or II|
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