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Use of Bombs

Following a transliterated original chart of the Luftwaffe for the use of each bomb-type. Appendix to Gen. z.B.V.b.Gen.Insp./L.Insp.2 Nr. 640/40 geh.(A) from 1.4.1940.


  1. The given minimum heights refer to the highest point of the target, this is to consider at low level attacks. The minimum heights are safety drop heights.
  2. The optimum caliber is underlined.
  3. Under no circumstances is it allowed to take this sheet along in aircraft.
  4. Used abbreviation for bombs.
SC-10fragmentation bomb 10 kgSD-500armor explosive bomb 500 kg
SC-10 t w/o wingsPC-500 RSarmor piercing bomb 500 kg
Bü C-10 bundel of 5 SC-10 for drop from Ju-87SC-1000mine bomb 1000 kg
SC-50mine bomb 50 kgPC-1000armor explosive bomb 1000 kg
SD-50mine bomb with fragmentationPC-1000 RSarmor piercing bomb 1000 kg
SBe-50fragmentation bomb 50 kg made of concrete with iron insertPC-1400armor explosive bomb 1400 kg
SC-250mine bomb 250 kgSC-1700mine bomb 1700 kg with increased penetration
SD-250mine bomb 250 kg with fragmentationPC-1700armor piercing bomb 1700 kg
SBe-250fragmentation bomb 250 kg made of concrete with iron insertSC-1800mine bomb 1800 kg
SC-500mine bomb 500 kgI or IIbombs of quality class I or II
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