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 IL-2 Sturmovik Cliffs of Dover BLITZ (Team Fusion Simulations v4.5) IL-2 Sturmovik Cliffs of Dover BLITZ (Team Fusion Simulations v4.5)
-TFs 4.5 READ ME+Readme for v4.5 
 +IL-2 Sturmovik Cliffs of Dover - BLITZ 
 +Additions and changes to original game. 
 +Additional new Aircraft 
 +Bf-109E-1B (early Fighter-Bomber) 
 +Bf-109E-4N (DB601N engine and 100 octane fuel) 
 +Bf-109E-4/​E-4B and E-4N versions with added armor for fuel tank and pilot 
 +Bf-110C-4B (early Fighter-Bomber) 
 +Bf-110C-4N (DB601P engines with 100 octane fuel) 
 +Bf-110C-4NJG (Nightfighter) 
 +Bf-110C-6 (heavy 30mm Cannon armed version) 
 +BlenheimMkIV_Late (twin gun rear turret and extra bombload) 
 +BlenheimMkIVF (heavy Day-Fighter) 
 +BlenheimMkIVF_Late (twin gun rear turret and extra bombload) 
 +BlenheimMkIVNF (Nightfighter)  
 +BlenheimMkIVNF_Late (twin gun rear turret and extra bombload) 
 +Spitfire Mk-I-100 octane 
 +Hurricane DH-520-100 octane 
 +HurricaneMkI-NF (Night-fighter) 
 +Hurricane MkI-FB (Fighter-Bomber) 
 +Beaufighter Mk IF 
 +Beaufighter Mk INF (Night-fighter) 
 +DH-82A-1 (Field Mod armed Tiger Moth)  
 +DH-82A-2 (Czechoslovakian armed Tiger Moth) 
 +DH-82A (Battle of Britain Tiger Moth version with bomb carrying capacity) 
 +Sunderland added bomb capacity  
 +BlenheimMkIF (heavy Day-Fighter) 
 +BlenheimMkINF (Night-fighter) 
 +- New Autumn and Winter Maps 
 +- New Textures, trees, hedges, runways and terrain for all maps 
 +- Perspective from altitude corrected to provide accurate views of rivers and terrain 
 +- Additional historical landmarks 
 +- Additional spline road types & more cow types for Full Mission Builder 
 +- Elimination of original map bugs including:​ 
 +- "​Swimming Pools" in France 
 +- Non- historical golf courses changed to farming. 
 +- Dull water off Querqueville,​ dry rivers at Le Havre, Bradwell, and Barneville 
 +- Airfield '​holes'​ at Hawkinge, Melville, Coquelles, Westhampnett,​ and Lympne flattened 
 +- Added missing hangers to various French Airdromes 
 +- Game upgraded to 64 bits and DX11 
 +- Tree collisions enabled 
 +- Distant Clouds enabled, '​Popup'​ effects reduced 
 +- Contrails enabled 
 +- Target dot view through cloud bug eliminated 
 +- Game controllers naming change to address the Windows 10 re-ordering issue 
 +- Rendering optimizations to increase FPS 
 +- Reduced crash generating bugs. 
 +- Updated existing aircraft engine sounds to historically accurate sound SFX 
 +- Added Hercules engine SFX 
 +- Added DB601N engine SFX 
 +- Updated MG and cannon SFX including new Hispano and Mk-101 
 +- Updated Explosion and hit SFX  
 +- Added new flak sounds 
 +- Added new day/night environmental ambience 
 +- New Corvette, Tanker and Hospital ship types 
 +- More accurate ship damage modeling  
 +Aircraft Visibility 
 +- Close and Distant aircraft visibility improved to provide more realistic combat environment 
 +- Elimination of the '​Disappearing Aircraft'​ bug 
 +- Added reflections from the sky and clouds to all aircraft surfaces 
 +- Added reflections to canopy glass surfaces. 
 +- Lowered the whitening effect from sun reflections in the propeller. 
 +- Increased reflectiveness for distant glass surfaces to improve spotting 
 +Cockpit Graphics 
 +- Countless historically accurate improvements and additions to aircraft cockpit graphics 
 +Blackout Effects 
 +Hi-G Blackout effects revised to reflect actual pilot experience 
 +Aircraft Skins 
 +- New historically accurate skins for all aircraft types 
 +Visual Effects 
 +- Updated smoke/​explosion particle effects 
 +- Updated weapon particle effects 
 +- Updated engine/​vehicle particle effects 
 +- Updated environmental particle effects 
 +Flight Modeling and Aerodynamics 
 +- All aircraft types have historically more accurate aerodynamics including:​ 
 +- Aerofoil characteristics corrected to historical 
 +- More accurate aircraft dimensions and control surface operation 
 +- Lift, Drag and Stall behavior improved 
 +- Hi-speed Compressibility effects on maneuver introduced 
 +Engine and Overheat modeling 
 +- Engine physics revised to give accurate horsepower generation throughout the altitude range 
 +- Overheat and engine wear provide full range of engine damage from player mis-use 
 +Weapons Modeling 
 +- All weapons types checked for accuracy and historical effectiveness 
 +- AI gunner bugs eliminated 
 +Damage Modeling 
 +- Comprehensive damage revision of all aircraft types to reflect their construction and to provide more realistic combat results 
 +- Maximum Aircraft G loading introduced 
 +AI Aircraft Behaviour 
 +- All AI aircraft types Flight/​Damage and Engine modeling upgraded to Flyable standards 
 +- AI Landing and Takeoff bugs eliminated 
 +Player controlled Vehicles and AAA Artillery 
 +- Many Vehicles and Artillery now can be player controlled 
 +Game loading Screens 
 +- New Hi definition game loading screens 
 +Printable Extras 
 +- Air Force bases of CLIFFS OF DOVER - detailed maps of the battle area 
 +- Working German World War 2 mechanical flight computer, the Dreieckrechner DR-3 
 +Forum discussion can be found here:  
 +ATAG/TF: https://​​forum/​showthread.php?​t=27243&​p=293324#​post293324 
 +1CGS: https://​​topic/​32881-discussion-about-clodblitz-launch-and-announcement/​ 
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