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Team Fusion Hotfix v4.312

TF 4.312 READ ME

Explosive ammo shrapnel Fixed typo that was making the shrapnel more deadly than normal. After the fix, it will behave like in 4.0.

Sounds Corrected the distorted Jumo engine sounds.

Sandbags Sandbags now look like sandbags again.

He-115 He-115 erratic flight behaviour corrected.

Flight Model Changes

Bf-109's 109E-1/E-1b/E-3/E-4/E-4N and E-4N De-rated supercharger performance improved over 6000 meters.

Bf-110's Bf-110's aerofoils slightly changed to provide more lift.

Heinkel 111H and 111P Heinkel 111's engines, aerofoil, climb, and speed completely revised.

Junkers Ju-88A Ju-88A engines, aerofoil, climb, and speed completely revised.

Junkers Ju-87B Junkers Ju-87B overheat and aerofoil adjusted slightly.

Fiat BR20M Fiat BR20M overheat and aerofoil adjusted slightly.

Fiat G-50 Fiat G-50 overheat adjusted slightly.

Blenheim IV, IVF and IVNF Blenheim aerofoil and damage modeling adjusted slightly.

Merlin III 100 octane 100 octane Merlin III engines overheat revised.

Fuel Tank Armour Fuel Tank armour for aircraft equipped slightly improved.

Major Flight Model changes in TF 4.312 see 100 octane Merlin III powered aircraft with better performance from sea level up to Full Throttle Height. (16,250 ft) Conversely, 109's improve over Full Throttle Heights. (4000 m E-1/E-1B, 4500 m E-3/E-4, 4900 m E-4N)

In addition, bombers and attack aircraft are more maneuverable, and Heinkels and Ju-88 climb performance corrected closer to historical.

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