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This mini patch addresses the following items:

  1. HEIIIP/H and JU88 reversal of Prop pitch Lever animation.
  2. DB601 inability to over rev even with Full Fine Pitch selected.
  3. Spitfire 2 Pitch Prop Limited VP operation
  4. Elevator Authority adjustments at high speeds for HEIII and BR20


Propeller Pitch Levers and on screen lever helper icons will now move in the correct direction with propeller pitch changes. That is Prop pitch levers will move forward as Prop Pitch is “fined up” (clockwise movement of Pitch clock) Prop pitch levers will move rearward as Prop Pitch is “coarsened down” (Anticlockwise movement of pitch clock) This fix also returns the “directionality” of the prop pitch system. So HEIII,JU88,JU87 are all the same and in the same directional sense as other types in the Sim except the BF109/BF110 that remain as previously coded. In other words its the same as its always been in directional terms. Props remain as VP props without governing.


DB601 will now over rev beyond 3000RPM in manual. Any exceedence of 3000RPM will result in severe engine damage in <15 seconds


The Spitfire MKI 2 pitch system could in fact be used with limitations as a Variable Pitch system. Though not exactly designed with this in mind it was found by pilots that careful 'jiggling' of the Prop pitch control allowed them to set any desired RPM rather than just Coarse or Fine pitch setting. This did not provide the complete flexibility of a dedicated VP system but did allow intermediate RPM control.This was good for certain flight phases like climb and Cruise. Due to limitations in the Pitch plunger design it does not really lend itself to combat flying. In this patch we have enabled the pilot to select a desired RPM. Blade angle change rates are still the same as was used in the original 2 Pitch system. We have not changed the 3d modelling of the Pitch lever, this will be done at a later stage. In the real aircraft the Pitch Change control was of a plunger or Push Pull type control. Note: Their is no documentary evidence to suggest that this Prop pitch quirk was applicable to the 2 Pitch set up in the Hurricanes. Hurricane 2 Pitch types therefore remain unchanged.


We have adjusted elevator sensitivity for the HEIII and BR20. Actual G limits remain unchanged. This Tweek now reduces Elevator authority as a function of IAS. In effect this stiffens or increases the Stick force per G as IAS increases. This closely approximates the higher stick forces found in the larger aircraft. It is still possible to overstress these aircraft but only at high IAS and with full elevator applied. If Elevator trim is also combined with a really good “yug”then the G limit will be reached at a slightly lower IAS. In broad brush terms you should be reasonably safe in the HEIII up to 400Kmh and in the Br20 up to around 370Kmh IAS. You will notice that manoeuvrability in the pitch axis is a little more laborious now … they are medium bombers after all not Fighter Bombers.

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