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=====Release Notes===== [[manual|Welcome]] [[TF3.0 Changelog | TF3.0 Changelog ]] [[TF3.1 Changelog | TF3.1 Changelog ]] [[TF4.0 Changelog | TF4.0 Changelog ]] [[TF4.312 Changelog | TF4.312 Changelog ]] [[TF4.5 Changelog | TF4.5 Changelog ]] =====Flight Manuals===== [[flight manuals|Cliffs of Dover - Flight Manuals]] [[historic flight manuals|Historic Flight Manuals]] only for information and research =====Knowledge Base===== [[setup|Initial Game Setup]] [[Common Problems|Common Problems & Solutions]] [[Known Bugs]] [[MOD| Adding [MOD] parameters to confuser.ini]] [[Dynamic Weather|Adding Dynamic Weather in the FMB]] [[Info Windows|Managing Info Windows in Cliffs Of Dover]] [[music|Changing/Adding Music In Cliffs Of Dover]] [[desastersoft|Installing/Adding Desastersoft Camaigns]]

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