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Changing/Adding Music In Cliffs Of Dover

This manual discribes how to change an mp3-file into an ogg-file for the use in Cliffs of dover.

As converter program is the VLC media player used.

Open VLC media player (its the normal client). Click on Media, then on convert/save or ctrl+R (shortcut). Then by the File-folder click on add. search for your file you want to convert (like “Royal-Navy-march.mp3”) and click on open. Now it should stay added in the folder. Click on Convert/save.

Now you have a new window. On the top you see you file which you want to convert. click on profile and search for “Audio - Vorbis (OGG)”. then click on the tools-symbol.

Click on audiocodec and check for: Hook on Audio. No hook by originaltrack. Codec: Vorbis. Bitrate:192KB/s. Channels: 2. 44100 Hz. then save.

Click on “destination file” and put in the path and the name of your new file (don't forget the .ogg).

click on start and bingo you got your music as an ogg-file.

Save them in the music directory of your documents\1C Softclub\il2 sturmovik cliffs of dover\ directory. If you use the Team Fusion Patch then use the ..\il2 sturmovik cliffs of dover - mod\ directory.

start your game and and enjoy.

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