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Changing/Adding Music In Cliffs Of Dover

This manual discribes how to change an mp3-file into an ogg-file for the use in Cliffs of dover.

As converter program is the VLC media player used.

  • Open VLC media player (its the normal client).
  • Click on Media, then on convert/save or ctrl+R (shortcut).
  • Then by the File-folder click on add.
  • Search for your file you want to convert (like “Royal-Navy-march.mp3”) and click on open.
  • Now it should stay added in the folder.
  • Click on Convert/save.

Now you have a new window.

  • On the top you see you file which you want to convert.
  • click on profile and search for “Audio - Vorbis (OGG)”.
  • then click on the tools-symbol.
  • Click on audiocodec and check for:
    • Hook on Audio.
    • No hook by originaltrack.
    • Codec: Vorbis.
    • Bitrate:192KB/s.
    • Channels: 2.
    • 44100 Hz.
  • then save.
  • Click on “destination file” and put in the path and the name of your new file (don't forget the .ogg).
  • Click on start and bingo you got your music as an ogg-file.
  • Save them in the music directory of your documents\1C Softclub\il2 sturmovik cliffs of dover\ directory.
  • If you use the Team Fusion Patch then use the ..\il2 sturmovik cliffs of dover - mod\ directory.
  • Start your game and and enjoy.

Note: This will only add new music. The old music files(background_de.ogg and background_gb.ogg) still remain and will also get started. You can delete/override them without a problem. They are also in the steam\..\Clod\music\ folder.

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