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Hyperlinked Index: Aircraft, Credits, General, Maps, New Missions, Ships, Skins


All Aircraft Reflections

* Added reflections from the sky and clouds to all aircraft surfaces (the effect depends on the weathering setting. 100% weathering=no effect, 0% weathering=brand new propaganda poster looking shiny aircraft. Set the weathering slider to your personal liking).

* Added reflections to canopy glass surfaces.

* Lowered the whitening effect from sun reflections in the propeller

* Increased reflectiveness for distant glass surfaces (the effect seeks to simulate the real life phenomena of sun reflections in glass surfaces being very easy to spot at long distances).

All Cockpits

* Toned down the “leakage” from the revi sight lamp for all planes.

* Altimeter algorithm revised and more accurate on the new default setting of 1013mB.

Blenheim Cockpit

* Corrected compass markings.

* Decayed radium paint corrected back to 'as new.'

* Oxygen gauges now show 'contents.'

* Starboard throttle controls corrected to green.

* Heir file edited to remove old oxy gauge needle.

Hurricane Cockpit (All models)

* Replaced 37 gallon spitfire fuel gauge with 33 gallon hurricane fuel gauge.

* Corrected course setter ring cardinal point coloration.

* Added compass correction card to holder.

* Positioned oxygen gauge needles to simulate oxygen in the tank (gauge remains non functioning).

JU87 Cockpit

* Corrected incorrect Kraftstoffrest label.

Bf110 Cockpit

* Corrected German “Preßluft-Druckbehälter” tooltip.

* Corrected incorrect Bombenzünder label.

* Corrected incorrect “drücken” label.

* Corrected incorrect Kühlerklappen label.

* Corrected incorrect “Pumperprüfung” label.

Spitfire Cockpits

* This mod creates separate pits for 3 'classes' of Spitfires, MKI, MKIA and MKII.

* Changes have been made in the MKI/IA pits to better reflect the evolution of the Spitfire’s cockpit. through the Battle of Britain period. MKII is left 'standard' with the exception of corrections to compass markings.

Tiger Moth Cockpit

* 'Grey' needles now white.

* Instrument faces corrected to '40 era types.

* 'football team names' replaced with correct markings in T&S gauge.

* Compass markings corrected. [back to index]


Stock Map Texture/Trees:

* Adjusted to more realistic colours (only England so far).

*Map environment set to Standard Day of 1013mB / 15 C at Sea Level.


Single player:

* Ju88's over Manston (Hurricane 100oct high altitude Ju88 bomber interception over Manston airfield).

Quick missions:

* QM 026 - A high altitude intercept quick mission. 9000m intercept of escorted 109 fighter bombers.

* QM 027 - High altitude dogfight (Bf109's v Hurricanes) at 21,000 ft (6,400m.) [back to index]


* Disabled the mirror rendering. It was discovered that, besides looking to a side instead of back, it was the cause of some game crashes. An attempt will be made in the future to correct it.

* Server no longer gives 'murder' messages with kills.

* AI Pilot and aircrew head movement restored.

* Additional crew animations restored.

* Gun Convergence issue where labels in the setup were reversed now fixed.


* Added British flower class Corvette.

* Added Hospital ship.

* Additional cargo ships skins. [back to index]


Skins * Accurate high quality uniforms.

* High quality faces.

* Removed the enforced weathering on all marks of Spitfire, Hurricane and bf109.

Please note that the QM weathering slider is slightly bugged: 0% weathering does not work, so choose any value above that and you will be fine.

[UPDATE TO Feb 1 – template file retained with this date as filename.]

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