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Heinkel HE IIIH-2 and HEIIIP-2

There are two Heinkel HE III variants. The HEIIIP-2 is powered by the DB601 and the HEIIIH-2 that is powered by the Jumo 211. The DB601 powered P-2 has the same automatic continuous step less Supercharger system as fitted to the 109. The Jumo 211 powered H-2 has a 2 stage Supercharger with Manual Supercharger Shift. Being Medium level bombers these aircraft have Low G ratings. It is relatively easy to exceed these G limits especially at the higher speeds. Consider having a dedicated Joystick sensitivity set up for these aircraft. Both these aircraft are equipped with straight out Variable Pitch props. Many features in these aircraft are identical. This guide will cover both variants with differences noted.

The Bomb aiming system is the same as the Ju88 using the lofte semi automatic bombsight. Both variants are equipped with AFN-2 gauge and are able to home on beacons and use the Lorenz approach system. The Autopilot system is essentially the same as the Ju88.


The HEIII has a total of four fuel tanks 2 in each wing. These tanks are referred to as Inner and Outer tanks. Fuel Quantity indicators for both Port and Starboard tanks are located in the ceiling outboard of the pilots right shoulder. Individual selector switches are provided to allow each tank to be selected to read its respective quantity. There are a total of 4 Fuel Cocks. Two are on the Left hand sill panel (Fuel Cocks 1 &2) and two levers are located to the right of the pilots seat (Fuel Cocks 3&4). These cocks allow for tank isolation and the control of fuel transfer between tanks. Cocks 3 and 4 are used to select the Source tank and destination tank for Fuel transfers. The Long lever selects the source tank and the short lever selects the destination tank.


  • Fuel Cocks Open (1&2)
  • Rads Closed
  • Prop pitch Full Fine (12:00)
  • Select Desired engine
  • Start “I”
  • Select remaining engine
  • Start “I”
  • Select both engines


  • Warm up with Rads Closed
  • 38C coolant Temp (H-2)
  • 30C Oil Temp (H-2)


  • Flaps Up
  • Prop pitch Full Fine
  • Rads Full open
  • H-2 Set 1.35 ATA (1 min manual limit H-2)
  • P-2 Set Full throttle + WEP 1.4ATA (1 min Clockwork limit P-2)
  • After gear and Flap Retraction set 30Min rating


  • 1.15/2300rpm (H-2 30min Rating)
  • 1.23/2300rpm (P-2 30 min Rating)
  • H-2 Shift to High stage Supercharger at 1220 m
  • Select Next stage then reset ATA to 1.15.


  • Approach Speed 140-150Kmh
  • Flaps down
  • Prop pitch Full Fine (12:00) On Final


  • Oil Temp 40Cmin 105Cmax Rec 85C Min drag @ 35%
  • Coolant Temp 40Cmin 100Cmax Rec 80-90C Min drag @ 25%
  • 1.4/2400rpm (WEP) 1 Min limited by clockwork timer
  • 1.3/2400rpm 5 Min
  • 1.23/2300rpm 30 Min
  • 1.15/2200rpm Continuous


  • Oil Temp 35Cmin 95Cmax Rec 75C Min drag @ 35%
  • Coolant Temp 38Cmin 95Cmax Rec 80C Min drag @ 35%
  • 1.35/2400rpm (WEP) 1 Min
  • 1.15/2300rpm 30 Min
  • 1.10/2200rpm Continuous


  • Vmax 600Kmh
  • Vmax_flaps 275Kmh
  • Vmin_stall 120Kmh
  • G limit +4 -3
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