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Fiat BR 20 M Cicogna ("Stork")

Italian medium bomber capable of carrying up to 1600 kg of bombs

It can carry 12 50 kg, 12 100 kg, 4 250 kg, 2 500 kg, or 2 800 kg

Engines have constant speed props

Fuel levels can be seen in 3 gauges on the right wall behind the co-pilot and one behind the pilot over the left shoulder (tool tips do not work)

Flaps are press and hold, gauge located on right wall in front of co-pilot


Fiat A-80/RC 41 Radials with Single Stage Superchargers Full Throttle Height of 4000 meters

Rating RPM Pressure
5 minute power setting 2200 820 mmHG
30 minute Climb setting 2100 740 mmHG
Unlimited Cruise setting 2100 670 mmHG


The aircraft has air-cooled Radial engines. Air Louver shutters are opened or closed by the pilot to regulate the temperature of the engine cylinder heads. The cylinder heads can be monitored by a single gauge on the dash, a selector switch in the middle of the dash determines which pair of cylinders has its temperature displayed on the gauge.

Minimum: 140°C
Normal: 200-240°C
Overheat: 260°C

The engines also have Oil Radiators. Gauges on the dash displays oil temperature.

Minimum: 50-60°C
Normal: 70-90°C
Overheat: 95-100°C


  1. Throttles 10% open
  2. Engine air cooling louvers closed
  3. Oil radiators closed
  4. Select engine one and start
  5. Select engine two and start
  6. Select all engines


  1. Open Cylinder Head Air Louvers to 100%
  2. Open Oil Radiator to 50%
  3. Lower Flaps to 1st position
  4. Select Full Fine Pitch (2200 rpm)

After aircraft is airborne:

  1. Raise undercarriage
  2. Raise Flaps
  3. Reduce power to 740mmHG
  4. Reduce rpms to 2100


The aircraft has full trim for all controls, elevator, ailerons and rudder.


  1. Open Air Louvers 100%
  2. Open Oil Radiators to 50%
  3. Select 740mmHG boost
  4. Select 2100rpm
  5. Monitor temps


When diving, pilots should partially close their Air Louvres and Oil Radiators to prevent the Cylinder Heads and oil from cooling too much otherwise misfiring and rough running may result.


  1. Set rpms to 2200
  2. Slow aircraft to 230 kph
  3. Select Full down Flaps
  4. Select Undercarriage down
  5. Trim aircraft for level
  6. Approach speed at 175 kph, reduce to 165 kph over threshold, maintaining throttle. Do not reduce speed below 155kph, fly the aircraft onto the runway.
  7. Stow the ventral gunner's position before landing


Arm bombs and set short delay with key binding Toggle bomb distributor short delay


Can level bomb from 500 m up to 2700 m

Use mechanical type Y high altitude fuses


Set airspeed (Use indicated airspeed minus 20 km/h, except for 800s, use indicated plus 10 km/h)

Set altitude (A good view of the target from the bombardier's position can be had by delaying altitude input or view from the nose gunner position)

Can use normal zoom functions to zoom while in the bomb sight

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