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 +=====Installing/​Adding Desastersoft Campaigns=====
 +This guide will help you to install/add your bought Desastersoft Campaigns.
 +Depending on how you installed the Team Fusion MOD (combined or separate game folder) you have to do the following steps to make your Desastersoft Camaigns work.
 +====Install The Desastersoft campaign====
 +  * Install and follow the instructions of the Desastersoft Installer.
 +  * Update your Desastersoft installation
 +    * Start/​programs/​Desastersoft/​addon-name/​update
 +====Copy following files====
 +  * After the first start of the Team Fusion MOD, it will create a new folder in your documents/​1C SoftClub/ - folder called **il2 Sturmovik Cliffs of Dover - MOD/**.
 +  * In your ...documents/​1C SoftClub/​-folder **copy from** ...il2 Sturmovik Cliffs of Dover/​-folder **to** ..il2 Sturmovik Cliffs of Dover - MOD/​-folder:​
 +    * /​mission/​campaign/​desastersoft - folder with files
 +    * /​PaintShemes - folder with files
 +  * If you have split up your CloD install in the ...steamapps/​common/​ - folder into a original-install and TF-install, then you have to copy from the original-folder to TF-folder those files/​folder:​
 +    * /​addins/​ps.campaign.xml - file
 +    * /​Desastersoft - folder with files
 +    * /​parts/​Desastersoft - folder with files
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