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Installing/Adding Desastersoft Campaigns

This guide will help you to install/add your bought Desastersoft Campaigns.

Depending on how you installed the Team Fusion MOD (combined or separate game folder) you have to do the following steps to make your Desastersoft Camaigns work.

Install The Desastersoft campaign

  • Install and follow the instructions of the Desastersoft Installer.
  • Update your Desastersoft installation
    • Start/programs/Desastersoft/addon-name/update

Copy following files

  • After the first start of the Team Fusion MOD, it will create a new folder in your documents/1C SoftClub/ - folder called il2 Sturmovik Cliffs of Dover - MOD/.
  • In your …documents/1C SoftClub/-folder copy from …il2 Sturmovik Cliffs of Dover/-folder to ..il2 Sturmovik Cliffs of Dover - MOD/-folder:
    • /mission/campaign/desastersoft - folder with files
    • /PaintShemes - folder with files
  • If you have split up your CloD install in the …steamapps/common/ - folder into a original-install and TF-install, then you have to copy from the original-folder to TF-folder those files/folder:
    • /addins/ps.campaign.xml - file
    • /Desastersoft - folder with files
    • /parts/Desastersoft - folder with files
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