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-Dear all, please find a master-list ​of all suggested fixes and tips for reducing Cliffs of Dover crashes since the TF patch. Most of this information is from the ATAG forums. I will add to this list as I find more threads containing fixes to past problems. ​+**//Common Causes ​of Launcher Crashes//**
-Follow the (un-official) TF patch install video: +NB Some of this information is provided by the community and, while given in good faith, may cause damage to your computer of files if followed incorrectlyYou have been warned
-Repair the MS-Dotnet +  * Ensure that any anti-virus software is OFF or disabled while installing, there is the possibility it can delete parts of the install.
-See 5 minutes into this Video: https://​​watch?​v=uu3SrdqlB64+
-Re-run the DX-setup  +  * The Steam overlay can cause crashes while enabled, disable it in Steam Settings > In-game > Uncheck ​the '​Enable the Steam Overlay while in-game' box.
-See 5 minutes into this video: https://​​watch?​v=uu3SrdqlB64+
-Disable Windows7 Update KB2670838 +  * MSI Afterburner if running prior to game launch will sometimes cause crashes... can be started after launch.
-Check the Launcher Compatibility in Steam +  * Any program which manages multiple screens can cause a crash... disable these.
-Disable any sweetfx or injectfx you have running +    * If the MS Visual C++ 2017 Redistributable is not installed on laptop ... install.
-Remove dxg9.dll from your game folder+
-NVidia users, try playing with your NVidia driver settings: +  * from War Thunder If installed, causes crashes If you got War Thunder outside of Steam this is installed If you installed WT through Steam, it is not.
-http://​​t=3135 +
-Try disabling any Printers you might have installed +  * Windows kb4054518 update not installed. ​ ​Negativethis will change the colour scheme of game... ​but usually ​will reset back to normal after exiting ​the game.
-http://​​t=3977&​page=2 +
- +
-Update your Graphics Driversand try lowering your in-game Graphics settings +
-http://​​t=4037 +
- +
-Disable your Anti-Virus +
-Find the anti-virus in your task bar or windows task list and disable it. It will restore when you re-boot.  +
- +
-Run the Launcher in "​administrator"​ mode +
-Place a shortcut ​to the launcher (from your game folder) on your desktop. When you want to run CloD, right-click the shortcut and select "run as administrator"​ +
- +
-Checklist below with work throughs....helps...and stuff to check +
- +
-Dealing with CloD Crashes - Master list  +
- +
-http://​​t=4123 +
- +
-If you have not tried this please do  +
- +
-http://​​t=1806 +
- +
-Team Fusion Patch v4.00 FAQ - PLEASE READ BEFORE POSTING 'A BUG'! Cheers  +
- +
-http://​​t=6431 +
- +
-Nvidea Control Panel Settings +
- +
-http://​​t=6534 +
- +
-4 things you can do to kill microstutters  +
- +
-Thanks to Looky for bringing this to our attention.  +
- +
-For those using Windows 8.1 and current Nvidia video cards finding they are experiencing annoying ingame stuttering while online, here is an Nvidia driver "​hotfix"​ to install: +
- +
-http://​​app/​answe...-driver-350.05 +
- +
-Torian - thanks for the lnk update.  +
- +
-http://​​t=6792 +
- +
-Windows update problem link below +
- +
-http://​​t=3528 +
- +
-Windows 8 solution +
- +
-http://​​t=7720 +
- +
-Windows 8 and 8.1 with Nvidia solution +
- +
-http://​​post182535 +
- +
-Anitivirus Reports a '​TROJAN'​ +
- +
-Some AV software (Norton, Avast, Kapersky, Avira, etc) are reporting a virus or Trojan in some of the patches (notably 4.0) . This is a known issue and is NOT a virus or Trojan. It is called a 'false positive'​. To work around this issue you must disable (or turn off) your AV during installation (unzipping of files) and then turn it back on again afterwards.+
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