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Messerschmitt Bf 109 E-4/N


DB 601 N-1 with blower height = 4900 m

on ground
Rating RPM[U/min] Pressure[ata]
Short power = 5' 2600 1,35
Increased cont. power = 30' 2400 1,25
cont. power = d 2300 1,15
econ. power 1300 0,75

This aircraft equipped with DB601N running C3 100 octane fuel. very similar to standard E4 with the following exceptions.

  • ===NO WEP===
  • AUTO will target 2600RPM with Full throttle selected.


  • Fuel Cock On
  • Prop pitch Full fine 12:00
  • Prop Pitch Manual Variable Pitch
  • Start

Warm up

  • Min Oil Temp 40C
  • Min Coolant temp 40C

Take off

  • 1.35ATA 2600ATA


  • 1.25/2400
  • Climb at 250Kmh to 600m then 240Kmh to 8000m then 220-200Kmh to ceiling
  • 5Min Rating 1.35/2600


  • Prop Full Fine 12:00

Rad Usage

  • Use Oil and Coolant Rads as required to control Coolant and Oil Temp.
  • Half open (Oil and Coolant)is generally sufficient for most operations except at low IAS or around 6000m
  • At high speed 1/3 rd Open is generally sufficient.
  • Slow speed is the worse situation. Sustained slow speed high power manoeuvring with < half rads should be avoided…. suggest Full open in this part of the envelope.


  • Max IAS 750Mkh
  • Max Flap Speed 250Kmh
  • Max Coolant Temp 100C
  • Max Oil Temp 105C
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