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Messerschmitt Bf 109 E-3/B E-4/B


DB 601 Aa with blower height = 3700 m

on ground
RPM[U/min] pressure[ata]
Emergency power = 1' 2500 1,45
Short power = 5' 2400 1,35
Increased cont. power = 30' 2300 1,23
max. cont. power = d 2200 1,15
econ. power w bomb 1500 0,85
econ. power w/o bomb 1500 0,75

Propeller Pitch Actuation

  • Bf 109 E-3/B
    • Only manual propeller pitch actuation
  • Bf 109 E-4/B
    • Manual and automatic propeller pitch actuation
    • At taxiing, start, economy-flight and landing use manual pitch(deactivate auto-mode and use buttons to increase/decrease Propeller pitch).
    • For all other flight modes use the automatic.


  • Fuel Cock On
  • Prop pitch Full fine 12:00
  • Prop Pitch Manual Variable Pitch
  • Start

Warm up

  • Min Oil Temp 40C
  • Min Coolant temp 40C

Take off

  • 1.3ATA 2400ATA
  • WEP 1.45 2400ATA (1 Min Clockwork timer)


  • 1.2/2300
  • Climb at 250Kmh to 600m then 240Kmh to 8000m then 220-200Kmh to ceiling
  • 5Min Rating 1.3/2400


  • Prop Full Fine 12:00

Rad Usage

  • Use Oil and Coolant Rads as required to control Coolant and Oil Temp.
  • Hal open is generally sufficient for most operations except at low IAS
  • At high speed 1/3 rd Open is generally sufficient.
  • Slow speed is the worse situation. Sustained slow speed high power manoeuvring with < half rads should be avoided.


  • Max IAS 750Mkh
  • Max Flap Speed 250Kmh
  • Max Coolant Temp 100C
  • Max Oil Temp 105C

Bomb Attack

Bomb Load

  • 1x SC 250 or
  • 1x SC 500 or
  • 1x SD 500 or
  • 4x SC 50

The A/C Bf 109 E with mounted bomb racket attacks the target in an inclination flight or a dive up to 45°. At a steeper dive the A/C is endangered through the bomb penetrates the propeller circle.

For aim angles please see Dive Bombing >> Bf 109.

Best results can be achieved at a dive angle of 45°.

Attention! For the release heights consider the fragmentation area of the bombs and the arming time of the fuse.

Before the target attack

  • Adjust the intensity of the Revi light.
  • At the ZSK 244 set switch to “Sturz”[dive] “mV” resp. “oV”.

Only active the ZSK 244 above enemy territory or restricted area, since it also arms the elect. release.

Before the dive:

  • Set propeller pitch to 9:30 o'clock.
  • Trim to circa to +2° (head heavy).

The A/C must be tail heavy in the dive, that it can be only hold in the dive through pushing the stick. Cooling flaps can be left open.

In the dive

  • Throttle to idle.
  • Aim with the Revi, Aiming procedure like Ju 87.
  • Release the bomb through the bomb-button at the stick.

Attention Before the release bring the A/C in a steady flight condition. In the moment of release the dive angle must not exceed 45°. Mortal danger!

After the dive

  • At the moment of release flare out.
  • Increase throttle.
  • Trim out.
  • Check if control lamp is off.
  • Set switch at the ZSK 244 to “Aus”[off].

Emergency Release

In case of an emergency the bomb can be released through the “Bomben-Notzug” handle. If the emergency release is above own territory, then release it disarmed (ZSK at “Aus”). If the emergency release is above enemy territory, then release it armed (ZSK at “mV” or “oV”).

Landing with bomb

The A/C is only allowed to land with bombs up to 250 kg. The 500 kg bomb has to be released disarmed throuth the emergency release before the landing.

Control before the landing with bomb that the ZSK 244 Is in “Aus”[Off]-position.

Editors Note:

This is a partly translated historic manual, but edited to match the ingame A/C. If you wish to read the translated historic manual, go to Historic Flight Manuals.


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